Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical roller bearings feature a large load rating capacity and self aligning capability. Suitable for medium to low speed applications which involve heavy of impact loading.

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What are spherical roller bearings and what do they do?

Spherical roller bearings are unique parts that help machines spin smoothly. They have two rows of barrel-shaped rollers which can handle heavy loads and also deal with misalignment and bending, like a seesaw.

Where would I find spherical roller bearings in use?

These bearings are used in workplaces where heavy loads need to be moved and where things may not line up perfectly. You'll often find them in big machinery like in factories, power plants, and heavy-duty mining equipment.

How do I know when it's time to replace my spherical roller bearings?

If you hear unusual noises, feel more shaking, or spot visible wear and tear or rust during a check-up, these are signs your bearings may need changing. It’s a good idea to inspect these bearings regularly to catch issues early.

Can I replace spherical roller bearings by myself or do I need help from a pro?

Replacing bearings can be a complex task if you’re not experienced. If you feel confident doing mechanical tasks, you could try it. But, it might be safer and more efficient to ask a professional to ensure everything runs smoothly.