Rotary Shaft Seals

Oil seals described as a rotary shaft oil seal or lip seal, and can be manufactured in the following materials.

  • Nitrile or NBR is the most commonly used material. Nitrile is excellent with most mineral oils and greases. Temperature range -65° to 225°F (-54° to 107°C) Normally coloured black
  • Viton or FPM Premium lip material for the widest temperature range and chemical resistance. Temperature range from -40° to over 400°F (-40° to over 204°C) They resist most special lubricants and chemicals that can destroy nitrile, polyacrylates and silicones. This premium material, with its extreme resistance to abrasion, provides superior performance and wear. Normally coloured brown
  • Lip Type
  • R21 Rubber with single lip
  • R23 Rubber with a wiper lip
  • R4 Metal single lip
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