Oil Lubricants

Oils are essential lubricants designed to minimise friction between machinery parts, thereby boosting their performance and prolonging their operational lifespan.

What are Oils?

Oils are lubricants that play a critical role in numerous industrial applications, ensuring smoother operation of machinery while extending their durability. They are designed to create a lubricating film between moving parts which reduces friction, wear, and heat generation thereby enhancing machinery life and performance.

We offer a diverse range of oils catering to specific industrial requirements:

Industrial Oils: These oils have extensive use in various industrial machinery and equipment. They offer efficient lubrication, reducing wear and tear, and promoting smooth operation. Equipped to deal with diverse operating conditions, these oils ensure the optimal performance of your machinery.

Metal Working Fluid: Specifically for metalworking applications, this fluid serves as a multipurpose solution providing cooling, lubrication, chip removal, and corrosion control during the metalworking process. Accurate application of metalworking fluid increases the speed and feed rates of machine tools, providing superior operation and extending tool life.

Whether your requirement lies within industrial manufacturing, metalworking, or any environment that demands optimal machinery operation and maintenance, our selection of Oils ensures improved performance, reduced labour costs, and increased longevity of your machinery.

What are oils and why are they important for machinery maintenance?

Oils are vital lubricants that facilitate smoother operation of machinery by creating a thin film between moving parts. This film reduces friction, wear, and heat, which are common causes of machinery deterioration and failure, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and extending the life of the equipment.

What types of oils are available and what are their applications?

We offer a variety of oils tailored for specific needs. Industrial Oils are used across various types of machinery to ensure smooth functioning under diverse conditions. Metal Working Fluid is specialized for the metalworking sector, aiding in cooling, lubrication, and corrosion protection during the machining process.

How do oils improve the performance of machinery?

Oils play a crucial role in reducing the necessary force for machinery operations, thereby reducing the energy consumption and stress on components. This efficient lubrication results in smoother operation, fewer breakdowns, and a noticeable improvement in the overall effectiveness and longevity of machinery.

Are there specific oils for different types of industrial environments?

Yes, different industrial environments and machinery types require specific oils formulated to withstand particular conditions such as varying temperatures, pressures, and exposure to contaminants. Selecting the right oil based on these factors is vital for ensuring optimal lubrication and protection.