Food Grade Oils

Food Grade Oils are an essential component in food processing and handling applications, providing efficient lubrication while adhering to strict food safety regulations.

What are Food Grade Oils?

Food Grade Oils are specially formulated lubricants designed for use in the food processing and handling industry. They play a vital role in enhancing the performance and lifespan of food processing equipment while ensuring food safety and hygiene standards are met.

Our selection of Food Grade Oils is diverse, accommodating a wide range of specific industrial requirements:

Food Grade Specialist Oils: These specialty oils are bespoke solutions for unique or critical applications within the food industry, delivering high performance where standard oils may not suffice.

Food Grade Chain & Gear Oils: Designed for use in transmission and conveyor elements, these oils provide excellent protection against wear and tear, maintaining the smooth operation and efficiency of gear and chain machinery.

Food Grade Compressor & Hydraulic Oils: These oils ensure the optimum performance of hydraulic systems and compressors often found in food processing environments. They maintain system pressure and provide effective lubrication for moving parts.

Food Grade Multi-Lube Oils: Offering versatility, these oils are suitable for a variety of applications, providing reliable lubrication to multiple parts and systems in the food processing plant.

Apart from promoting smooth operation and extending equipment lifespan, these oils conform to stringent food-safe requirements, ensuring that they pose no risk in case of incidental contact with food. So whether you run a food processing plant, a restaurant, or any establishment involved in the handling and preparation of food, our selection of Food Grade Oils guarantees improved operational efficiency, long-lasting machinery, and strict adherence to food safety standards.

What exactly are food grade oils and why are they critical in food processing?

Food grade oils are lubricants specifically formulated for use in food processing and handling industries. They are essential for ensuring the efficient operation of machinery while meeting rigorous food safety and hygiene standards, thus preventing the risk of food contamination.

What types of machinery benefit from food grade oils?

Food grade oils are versatile and can be used in various types of machinery found within food processing environments, including compressors, hydraulics, conveyor systems, and more. They help in maintaining smooth operation and extending the lifespan of these machines.

How are food grade oils different from regular industrial oils?

Food grade oils are manufactured to meet strict safety standards that allow for incidental contact with food products. This makes them non-toxic and safe, unlike regular industrial oils which may contain hazardous constituents not suitable for food industry applications.

Can food grade oils handle heavy-duty applications in food processing?

Yes, there are specific types of food grade oils such as Food Grade Chain & Gear Oils and Food Grade Specialist Oils designed to deliver high performance even in heavy-duty applications within the food industry. They provide excellent protection against wear and maintain efficient operation of critical machinery components.