Bicycle Bearings

We have a comprehensive stock of all bicycle bearings for all disciplines, mountain bikes, road bikes, downhill mountain bikes, cross county & hybrids.

Applications:- Headset bearings, hub Bearings, Pivot Bearings, Bottom Bracket/Cartridge Bearings

Material Options:-Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Hybrids with both Zirconium (Zro2) rolling elements and silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

About Our Bicycle Bearings

Discover our collection of Bicycle Bearings, built to boost your cycling performance. They're made for cyclists who look for dependable and effective parts. Our bearings cut down on friction, making you faster and your ride silkier across all kinds of paths. If you're looking to better your road bike, mountain bike, or your own unique set-up, our bearings are made to last and help you perform at your best. These are vital for anyone who loves to cycle, whether for fun or professionally.

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How do I know what size bearings I need for my bike?

To figure out what bearings your bike needs, first look at the make's guidelines or the handbook. It should tell you the sizes needed for the wheels and other parts. If you don't have that information, you can take out the old bearings and measure them. In the UK, the usual sizes for bike wheel hubs are 6802, 6902, and 6903. For the bottom bracket, it's often BB30 or 6806. Make sure to check the inner and outer diameter, plus the width for the right fit.

How do I know if my bike bearings need replacing?

If your bike is making odd sounds like grinding, or if the wheels and pedals don't spin smoothly, it might be time to change the bearings. In Britain's often wet conditions, bearings can easily get damaged by water and dirt. It's good to check them now and then, particularly after a ride in the rain or mud.

How often do you need to replace a wheel bearing on a bike?

As for how often to change your bike's wheel bearings, it depends on how and where you ride. In the UK's damp weather, it's a good idea to check them yearly. But if you cycle a lot, or off-road, you might need to look more often, say every few months. If you're mostly riding on city streets, they'll likely last longer.

Are all bicycle crank bearings the same size?

Crank bearings aren't all one size. The type you need depends on the bottom bracket your bike has. In the UK, the BSA (British Standard) is common for external bearings, while BB30 or PF30 are for press-fit types, usually needing size 6806 for BB30. Be sure to check your bike's manual or ask the maker for the specifics, as sizes can differ between, say, a road bike and a mountain bike.