Power Transmission Products

About Our Power Transmission Products

Explore our Power Transmission products for a comprehensive selection of Belts, Pulleys, Shaft Fixings, and Shaft Couplings, designed to meet the demands of diverse mechanical systems. These components are pivotal in transmitting power efficiently across machinery, ensuring operational excellence and reliability. Whether you're assembling a new system or maintaining an existing one, our products offer the quality and performance needed to achieve optimal power transmission. Ideal for industrial, automotive, and various mechanical applications, our range supports the smooth and effective operation of your machinery with durable and precise power transmission solutions.

What are power transmission products?

Power transmission products are the components used in machinery to transfer energy from the source, like an engine or motor, to the place where it's needed to do work – for example, the wheels of a bicycle. They include gears, belts, chains, couplings, and bearings, all designed to ensure energy is moved efficiently and effectively.

How does powershift transmission work?

Powershift transmission offers seamless gear shifting in heavy machinery and vehicles without interrupting power flow from the engine to the transmission. It uses clutches and hydraulic mechanisms, allowing gear changes under full power for smooth transitions and less wear on the system.

Power transmission examples

Common examples of power transmission include the drivetrain in cars and bikes, conveyor systems in factories, the belts and gears in various machines, or the drive shafts in marine engines. Basically, any component that helps to move power from its origin to where it's needed is part of power transmission.

What does powershift transmission mean?

Powershift transmission refers to an advanced gearbox design that allows swift and smooth gear changes without losing power. It works automatically and is often used in heavy-duty applications like tractors and construction vehicles. It's valued for maintaining consistent power and optimising performance.