Female Rod Ends

What are Female Rod Ends?

Female rod ends present a sophisticated articulation solution, featuring a ball swivel mechanism affixed to a female threaded shaft. This design ensures versatile integration across a myriad of applications. Our range offers options with either brass or nylon races, catering to diverse operational requirements. Initially conceived for the aerospace industry, female rod ends have broadened their utility to encompass automotive, marine, and various industrial sectors, exemplifying their adaptability and robustness.

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What exactly are female rod ends and where are they used?

Female rod ends are mechanical articulating joints, designed with an internal thread. They are typically used where a bearing connection needs to be made within a housing or a bore.

How can I tell when it's time to replace my female rod ends?

If you notice irregular movement, hear rattling or squeaking sounds, or see visible wear, it might be time to replace your female rod ends.

Are all female rod ends the same size?

No, female rod ends come in varied sizes and thread types. It's important to match the size and specifications of the rod end with your machinery's requirements.

Is professional installation necessary for female rod ends?

While some individuals with mechanical knowledge can self-install, professional fitting is advised for precision and safety.